Birthday Parties

Ellenwood Equestrian Center offers birthday parties on Saturdays and Sundays year around. The parties are held on a three hour basis, and are priced per party, not per child. There is no set limit as to how many children you may invite though it is suggested that you keep the total around or under 20.

The first half of the party is devoted to the horse activities – the children participate in the grooming and tacking up, then they all get a short ride. After the riding is over you have full use of the facility, which includes a large deck with picnic tables and umbrellas for your food, cake, presents, and use of the activities. That includes a rock climbing wall, rope swing, basketball goal, and a sand box. We have a large above ground pool in the deck area, and that can be used in the summer months.

  • Basic Party (everything except the pool):  $250
  • Pool Party (please inquire for dates):   $350