Summer Camp

Summer camp is our biggest and most popular program. Going on our 20th season, we have seen camp grow by leaps and bounds over the years. Following the same tried and true formula we offer a very full, active, fun day for your child, who we can guarantee will leave tired, dirty, and happy!

The day begins with the morning chores, where the kids are in groups with a helper and participate in all of the daily workings of the running of a horse farm. After that there is snack time, then active games like cops and robbers (a camp tradition and favorite) or capture the flag. Then it is lunch time, followed by horse time. Each day all campers groom, tack up, and have a riding lesson. While one group has their ride time the other groups are taken to the activity area, where they can swing on the rope swing, rock climb, or play basketball. When all the groups have finished their lessons we end the day at the swimming pool. On Friday of each week there is a camp show promptly at 2:30, where the children ride for their parents showing off their new skills.

The 2020 summer camp season begins the day after Memorial Day, Tuesday May 26th, and runs weekly through Friday August 14th. The camp hours are 9:00- 4:00, with before and after care offered at a slight extra fee. We welcome children ages 5 on up.

  • The regular fee for a week of camp is $250.00
  • Extra care at $5.00 per day.
  • Daily fee for camp $60.00

Camp FAQ

Who runs the camp?
Camp is run by Lynn, the stable owner, Leah, her adult daughter, and a wonderful collection of AMAZING barn helpers. These young ladies and a few guys have worked for the center for some time, helping with lessons year round and of course with camps. They know what Lynn expects, they know the different horses’ personalities, they know how to deal with children, and they are extremely good at working to the high standards that are put forth to them. At any given week there will be at least 10-15 helpers, making our counselor-camper ratio extremely high.

How do you deal with the heat?
Our set up is such that there are many areas of respite from the hot GA sun. Chore time is in and out of the barns, and snack and lunch time is at picnic tables with umbrellas. The rock climbing wall and swing is in a shaded area and the pool, well, that’s obvious! The hottest time for the kids is during their riding in the arena, but while they are on for a solid lesson, it is around 25 – 30 minutes, and they are fine for that. Two days of riding is in the cool shaded woods for a nice trail ride, which the kids love.

What do I send with my child?
Each day you will need to send lunch, snacks, and water bottles. They will also need swim gear, a towel, sunscreen and bug spray, and a change of clothes. They should arrive in comfortable summer clothes that can get dirty and hard soled closed shoes. We furnish helmets and boots for the horse activities. 

What do I do if I arrive early?
It is often hard to judge distance, traffic, etc, and we are (happily) much closer then most people think to the in-town neighborhoods. We understand when people arrive early, but please plan on staying with your child if you arrive before 9am, as that is when camp starts. As stated, we do offer early care if that is necessary for your schedule.

* Outside dogs or other pets are strictly prohibited from being on the stable premises